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Future XMB Patch Version
0000713: [Bugs] Integer Width Deprecated by MySQL 8.0 (miqrogroove)
0000683: [Bugs] config.php warn about ' in password (miqrogroove)
0000706: [Bugs] PHP Warning When Deleting Own Thread in Debug Mode (miqrogroove)
0000710: [Bugs] The bbcode editor is broken in Chrome (miqrogroove)
0000704: [Bugs] Page title when making a new thread is borked (miqrogroove)
0000708: [Bugs] User Locked Out: Theme with Non-Numeric fontsize Value in PHP 8.0+ (miqrogroove)
0000695: [Bugs] Improve youtube bbcode (miqrogroove)
0000707: [Bugs] Board Logo URL Theme Setting Broken for Full URL Values (miqrogroove)
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Released 2024-04-12
Official 1.9.12 Patch # 6 released to improve compatibility with PHP 8.1.
0000153: [New Features] Input Sanitization for Installer (miqrogroove)
0000502: [Bugs] Installer's Configure Button Easily Confused with Next Step (miqrogroove)
0000681: [Bugs] Installer Version Number is Stale and Doesn't Match header.php (miqrogroove)
0000684: [Translation Defects] English lang issues (miqrogroove)
0000685: [Bugs] Installer Throws MySQL Exception in PHP 8.1+ (miqrogroove)
0000686: [Bugs] Drop Support for Obsolete DB Driver from Installer (miqrogroove)
0000688: [Bugs] When a person with a non-default rank posts, every poster after them with a default rank on the same page displays it, too (miqrogroove)
0000689: [Bugs] Installer "Forum Settings" Broken or Useless (miqrogroove)
0000690: [Bugs] Super Admin Account is Invisible After Install Until Editing Own Profile (miqrogroove)
0000691: [Bugs] Deprecated use of null in dump_query() (miqrogroove)
0000692: [Bugs] Upgrade instructions clarity (miqrogroove)
0000696: [Bugs] Lingering guest appears in misc.php?action=online after logging in (miqrogroove)
0000701: [Bugs] When all post based ranks are removed viewthread.php generates Warnings (miqrogroove)
0000703: [Bugs] Some Params Passed by Reference Unnecessary (miqrogroove)
0000705: [Bugs] updateforumcount() Queries Threads Without Expecting an Empty Forum (miqrogroove)
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Released 2023-08-05
Official 1.9.12 Patch # 5 released to fix a login regression from the previous patch and to improve compatibility with PHP 8.1.
0000677: [Bugs] Refactor Unreadable Member Rank Code in viewthread.php (miqrogroove)
0000675: [Bugs] PHP 8.1 Deprecated: Passing null to non-nullable parameters (miqrogroove)
       0000671: [Bugs] Deprecated: Passing null to str_replace() (miqrogroove)
       0000672: [Bugs] Deprecated: Passing null to strpos() and substr() (miqrogroove)
       0000674: [Bugs] Deprecated: Passing null to trim() (miqrogroove)
0000673: [Bugs] Element Class Missing for today.php multipage (miqrogroove)
0000676: [Bugs] PHP 8.1 Deprecated: Implicit Float to Int Conversion (miqrogroove)
0000679: [Bugs] Uncaught TypeError post logging in (miqrogroove)
0000680: [Bugs] Cleanup Lingering String Literal Style Issues (miqrogroove)
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Released 2023-07-15
Official 1.9.12 Patch # 4 released to improve compatibility with PHP 8.2 and MySQL 8.0.
0000667: [Bugs] MySQL && Operator is Deprecated (miqrogroove)
0000592: [Bugs] Root Certificates Will Expire by 12/15/2021 (miqrogroove)
0000664: [Bugs] New Template Creation Error. (miqrogroove)
0000668: [Bugs] Deprecated messages from template footer_phpsql (miqrogroove)
0000669: [Bugs] Poll Creation Doesn't Work (miqrogroove)
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Released 2021-04-16
Official 1.9.12 Patch # 3 released to fix critical security issue CVE-2021-29399.
0000637: [Bugs] U2U Folder Names Should Not Allow Angle Braces (miqrogroove)
0000648: [Bugs] Upgrading With Board Status On Should be a Notice, not Warning (miqrogroove)
0000649: [New Features] PHP 8 Compatibility (miqrogroove)
       0000656: [Bugs] Deprecated Function Parameter Order in PHP 8 (miqrogroove)
       0000657: [Bugs] String-to-Number Comparisons in PHP 8 (miqrogroove)
0000652: [Bugs] reCaptcha Errors Should be Logged in Debug Mode Only (miqrogroove)
0000653: [Bugs] Infinite Loop on reCaptcha Errors (miqrogroove)
0000654: [Bugs] PHP Notice When Checking Forum 404 (miqrogroove)
0000658: [Bugs] Maximum Upload Size Shouldn't Exceed Max Per Post (miqrogroove)
0000659: [Bugs] Wrong Trace Depth Used for MySQL syntax errors (miqrogroove)
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Released 2021-04-16
Official 1.9.11 Patch # 16 released to fix critical security issue CVE-2021-29399.
0000593: [Bugs] mysqli File Not Compatible with PHP 5.3 (miqrogroove)
0000655: [Bugs] get_magic_quotes_runtime Deprecated with Debug Off (miqrogroove)
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Released 2020-10-21
Official 1.9.12 Patch # 2 released to fix an error message in the theme editor.
0000646: [Bugs] Theme Editor Throws Expired Form Error (miqrogroove)
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Released 2020-10-21
Official 1.9.12 patch # 1 released to fix an error message in the installer.
0000643: [Bugs] Getting issue in install of XMB (miqrogroove)
0000644: [Bugs] Update and Test shell.php (miqrogroove)
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Released 2020-10-20
XMB Version 1.9.12 is a major new feature set. The primary goals are to add full session handling and tokenization to improve security, add new-user quarantine system to block spam from common sources, and begin to eliminate obsolete technologies such as PHP 4, IIS 5, and Flash.
0000559: [New Features] Increase Required PHP Version to 7.0 (miqrogroove)
0000571: [New Features] Last post date and time text for threads to be hyperlinks to the last post (miqrogroove)
0000554: [Bugs] PHP 7.4 with debug set to true: PHP Deprecated: Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated in /include/ on l (miqrogroove)
0000553: [Bugs] PHP 7.4 with debug set to true: PHP Deprecated: Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated in /include/ on (miqrogroove)
0000552: [Bugs] PHP 7.4 with debug set to true: PHP Deprecated: Function get_magic_quotes_runtime() is deprecated in /include/ o (miqrogroove)
0000530: [Bugs] Wrong Column Count in Multipage Template (miqrogroove)
0000551: [Bugs] member profile birthyear allows non numeric characters? (miqrogroove)
0000550: [Bugs] Query Optimization in updateforumcount() for Big Boards (miqrogroove)
0000549: [Bugs] Redundancy in Template misc_feature_notavailable (miqrogroove)
0000548: [Bugs] Use String Comparison Instead of Parsing Numbers in lastpost (miqrogroove)
0000547: [Bugs] Avoid "ORDER BY pid" in topicadmin (miqrogroove)
0000561: [Bugs] $lastmember is null for new installs (miqrogroove)
0000544: [Bugs] Excessive Memory Use in fixlastposts with DEBUG Mode (miqrogroove)
0000540: [Bugs] Upgrade Script Displays Nothing Until Finished (miqrogroove)
0000533: [Bugs] Who's Online - Forum Name Not Always Decoded (miqrogroove)
0000531: [Bugs] lastPid Variable Not Always Initialized in function forum() (miqrogroove)
0000555: [Bugs] PHP Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in header.php (miqrogroove)
0000279: [Translation Defects] Some text not in varible form (miqrogroove)
0000560: [New Features] Drop Support for IIS 5.0 (miqrogroove)
0000568: [New Features] Change "Secure Login" Option to "Trust This Computer" (miqrogroove)
0000575: [New Features] Thread Display of Moderator Actions Should Be Optional (miqrogroove)
0000562: [Bugs] Wrong Column Count in Template forumdisplay_nothreads (miqrogroove)
0000563: [Translation Defects] Update the Timezone List (miqrogroove)
0000001: [New Features] Full Session Handling (miqrogroove)
0000565: [Bugs] PHP Notice in Stats if Nobody Posted Today (miqrogroove)
0000578: [New Features] Refactor the Settings Table (miqrogroove)
0000567: [Bugs] Logic error in function smilieinsert() (miqrogroove)
0000558: [Bugs] Username Index Should be Unique (miqrogroove)
0000557: [Bugs] Unused Password Index (miqrogroove)
0000556: [Bugs] Insufficient entropy on password generation (miqrogroove)
0000546: [Bugs] Template index_whosonline Should Use CSS (miqrogroove)
0000542: [Translation Defects] translation file [aka english.lang.php] bbcodeinfo - incorrect email address (miqrogroove)
0000536: [Translation Defects] Using BBcode 'code' shows incorrect popup text message (miqrogroove)
0000392: [Translation Defects] BBCode Help Link Should Be More Specific (miqrogroove)
0000391: [Translation Defects] $lang['textemailonu2u'] is stale (miqrogroove)
0000106: [Bugs] Double Post Checking (miqrogroove)
0000082: [New Features] Auto-subscribe Setting (miqrogroove)
0000060: [New Features] YouTube or Video BBCode (miqrogroove)
0000614: [Bugs] HTTP Status Not Set on Transient DB Connection Failures (miqrogroove)
0000599: [Bugs] Emoji Entity References Don't Work
0000612: [Bugs] Typo in config.php Comments (miqrogroove)
0000610: [Bugs] Allowing Unencrypted Avatars Triggers "Not secure" Message in Chrome (miqrogroove)
0000608: [New Features] Admin Interface for Account Lockouts (miqrogroove)
0000585: [Bugs] Newthread Logic Still Deletes Polls? (miqrogroove)
0000622: [Bugs] Invalid Markup for Nested Quotes (miqrogroove)
0000623: [Bugs] $quickbbcode Location is Invalid (miqrogroove)
0000628: [Bugs] Smilie Processing Inside of URLs (miqrogroove)
0000636: [Bugs] Bad Output From Attachments Panel (miqrogroove)
0000639: [Bugs] U2U Send to Email Broken (miqrogroove)
0000640: [Bugs] Code Blocks Don't Work in U2U Printable View (miqrogroove)
0000642: [Bugs] Insert Raw SQL Table Should be 1 Column (miqrogroove)
0000586: [Bugs] Unused Columns in Vote Table (miqrogroove)
0000579: [Bugs] Has html removal bug 577 affected 'news and updates' on index page? (miqrogroove)
0000580: [New Features] CSS Cache System (miqrogroove)
0000582: [Bugs] Flash is Obsolete (miqrogroove)
0000594: [Bugs] Quick Reply Says "Logged in as" for Users Not Logged in (miqrogroove)
0000584: [Research Tasks] Check Modern Browser Support for Image Types (miqrogroove)
0000587: [Bugs] dump_query() Template Needed (miqrogroove)
0000589: [Bugs] Eliminate Use of eval() for Variables Nested in Translations (miqrogroove)
0000590: [Bugs] Unban Does Not Work in Topicadmin (miqrogroove)
0000005: [New Features] Redesign the COPPA Option (miqrogroove)
0000564: [Bugs] "Last active" Time Calculated Wrong (miqrogroove)
0000566: [New Features] Integrate Anti-Spam Features from Current Modifications (miqrogroove)
0000577: [Bugs] Don't Allow HTML in Member Posts (miqrogroove)
0000576: [New Features] Tokenize the Lost Password System (miqrogroove)
0000634: [Bugs] After login, Last active time set to current time? (miqrogroove)
0000621: [Bugs] Wrong Condition for hide_banned on Member List (miqrogroove)
0000630: [Bugs] Lost Password Screen Throws Expired Link Error if Logged In (miqrogroove)
0000629: [Bugs] Wrong Args for \XMB\Attach\getURL (miqrogroove)
0000631: [Bugs] Undefined variable: newparent in include/ (miqrogroove)
0000632: [Bugs] ArgumentCountError in XMB\SQL\getPostBody (miqrogroove)
0000635: [Bugs] TypeError in XMB\Attach\getNewSubdir (miqrogroove)
0000624: [Bugs] $comment_output Breaks New css.php (miqrogroove)
0000625: [Bugs] Attachment Crashes XMB if tempnam() returns false (miqrogroove)
0000626: [Bugs] img BBCode is Broken (miqrogroove)
0000627: [Bugs] Improve Front-End Error Handling During Upgrades (miqrogroove)
0000633: [Bugs] Quarantine Panel's Main Query Should Be Unconditional (miqrogroove)
0000617: [Bugs] Own Replies Show as New Posts in Forumdisplay (miqrogroove)
0000620: [Bugs] User Authorization in Wrong Order (miqrogroove)
0000619: [Bugs] auditBadLogin() Doesn't Work (miqrogroove)
0000618: [Bugs] Variable Sometimes Undefined in stats.php (miqrogroove)
0000616: [Bugs] Wrong Condition for Optional Profile Fields (miqrogroove)
0000611: [Bugs] Admins Unable to View Banned Users (miqrogroove)
0000607: [Bugs] Login Auditing TypeError (miqrogroove)
0000604: [Bugs] Sessions Need to be Deleted When Renaming a User (miqrogroove)
0000603: [Translation Defects] Typo on line 436. (miqrogroove)
0000602: [Bugs] Login page logic is out of order (miqrogroove)
0000601: [Bugs] Undefined index: sightml in editprofile.php (miqrogroove)
0000598: [Bugs] Uncaught TypeError ... on line 1220 (miqrogroove)
0000597: [Bugs] Call to undefined function ... (miqrogroove)
0000596: [Bugs] Uncaught TypeError ... on line 1132 (miqrogroove)
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Released 2017-12-28
Official 1.9.11 patch build # 15 released to fix compatibility with PHP 7.0+ and PHP 5.4+ and MySQL 5.6 and HTTPS.
0000524: [Bugs] Email Header Return-Path is Not Set (miqrogroove)
0000520: [Bugs] MySQL 5.6 Throws lastpost Comparison Warnings in DEBUG Mode (miqrogroove)
0000490: [Bugs] files.php Robots Header Should Be nofollow, noimageindex (miqrogroove)
0000522: [Bugs] PHP Incompatible With Some Character Encodings (miqrogroove)
0000507: [Bugs] 'dot' functionality missing in today.php (miqrogroove)
0000508: [Bugs] php 7.1 - polls (miqrogroove)
0000515: [Bugs] "Checking URL" Message Never Clears if Avatar is 404 (miqrogroove)
0000517: [Bugs] XMB Forces HTTP Scheme on All User Homepage Links (miqrogroove)
0000518: [Bugs] misc.php links to trivial issue (miqrogroove)
0000519: [Bugs] Chrome Throws ERR_BLOCKED_BY_XSS_AUDITOR in Template Editor (miqrogroove)
0000521: [Bugs] Avatars Should Not Link to about:blank (miqrogroove)
0000506: [Bugs] magic_quotes_runtime Error in PHP 5.4+ (miqrogroove)
0000525: [Bugs] dbstuff::panic() Param Should Not Be Passed by Reference (miqrogroove)
0000526: [Bugs] "Red" Thread Icons Don't Clear After Reading Thread (miqrogroove)
0000527: [Bugs] Some Cookies Have No HTTPS Restrictions (miqrogroove)
0000528: [Bugs] maxattachsize Setting Should Be Checked Against PHP Limit (miqrogroove)
0000529: [Bugs] Unnecessary HAVING Clause in member.php Query (miqrogroove)
0000380: [Bugs] error html output errors in cp files (miqrogroove)
0000505: [Bugs] XMB Installer Throws Deprecated Database Extension (miqrogroove)
0000504: [Bugs] XMB Incompatible with PHP 7 Database Extensions (miqrogroove)
0000503: [Bugs] Charset Compatibility Broken in PHP 5.6 (miqrogroove)
0000501: [Bugs] Default Value of Full URL Does Not Detect HTTPS (miqrogroove)
0000500: [Bugs] Current Version Display Not Working in Installer (miqrogroove)
0000499: [Bugs] Update Copyright Dates and File Headers (miqrogroove)
0000497: [Bugs] HTTP Header Elements Should Be Comma Separated (miqrogroove)
0000496: [Bugs] Google Ignoring pid URL Parameter
0000495: [Bugs] Buddy List Width Incorrect (miqrogroove)
0000494: [Bugs] Installer Should Not Allow Reserved Usernames (miqrogroove)
0000493: [Bugs] Empty Forum Groups Not Handled Correctly (miqrogroove)
0000492: [Bugs] Forums Panel Needs to Check if File Uploading is Disabled (miqrogroove)
0000491: [Bugs] Undefined offset in files.php (miqrogroove)
0000488: [Bugs] Admin Panel Table Cells Missing (miqrogroove)
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Released 2017-10-30 was an incomplete patch effort by the XMB community. It will be incorporated into the next milestone.
0000509: [Bugs] HTTPS links don't work on avatar URL input (miqrogroove)
0000510: [Bugs] Spelling mistake in English.php
0000514: [Meta] Merge XMB to trunk (miqrogroove)
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Released 2012-02-04
Official 1.9.11 patch build # 13 released to fix a variety of minor bugs.
0000412: [Bugs] cp.php?action=deleteposts Stats Consistency (miqrogroove)
0000454: [Bugs] Rare but persistent errors in post.php (miqrogroove)
0000469: [Research Tasks] Does PHP Automatically Delete Temp Files or Not?? (miqrogroove)
0000470: [Bugs] Prune Stats Consistency (miqrogroove)
0000471: [Bugs] Required Attribute "cols" Not Specified - Quick Reply (miqrogroove)
0000472: [Bugs] Reply links shouldn't contain fid (miqrogroove)
0000473: [Bugs] Database Links Might Not Be Reusable (miqrogroove)
0000475: [Bugs] PHP user_agent Should Be Reset (miqrogroove)
0000477: [Bugs] Remote Images Should Avoid Code Blocks (miqrogroove)
0000480: [Bugs] Typo in functions_bbcodeinsert (miqrogroove)
0000481: [Bugs] Need to Truncate Long MySQL Errors (miqrogroove)
0000482: [New Features] Google wants rel="next" and rel="prev" (miqrogroove)
0000483: [Bugs] Don't Insert Quote Codes With BBCode Disabled (miqrogroove)
0000484: [Bugs] Subjects Need Word Wrapping Too (miqrogroove)
0000486: [Bugs] The set of non-printing chars should include consecutive spaces (miqrogroove)
0000487: [Bugs] CAPTCHA Errors Not Displayed in Settings Panel (miqrogroove)
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Released 2011-05-28
Official 1.9.11 patch build # 12 released to fix a variety of major and minor bugs.
0000456: [Bugs] Forum Groups Displayed Only if Order is Unique (miqrogroove)
0000446: [Bugs] XMB 1.8 Might Use Lowercase Translation Names (miqrogroove)
0000453: [Bugs] BBCode Allowed in Poll Option Text? (miqrogroove)
0000451: [Bugs] Incorrect Text for Last Login (miqrogroove)
0000450: [New Features] Code Box Improvement (miqrogroove)
0000449: [Bugs] U2U Upgrade Fails if u2u.readstatus is Missing (miqrogroove)
0000448: [Bugs] XMB 1.8 Might Not Have attachments.filesize (miqrogroove)
0000447: [Bugs] Fatal Errors From require() Were Suppressed in 0000343 (miqrogroove)
0000445: [Bugs] XMB Should Check the Return Value of mail() (miqrogroove)
0000459: [Bugs] URL at End of rquote Messes Up the Output (miqrogroove)
0000441: [Bugs] Wordwrap Sometimes Corrupts BR Elements (miqrogroove)
0000439: [Bugs] Upgrades From XMB 1.8 Have No postnum=0 User Rank (miqrogroove)
0000460: [Bugs] XMB Should Try to Reject Bad Links (miqrogroove)
0000461: [Bugs] Link Code Parameters Should Be Required (miqrogroove)
0000464: [Bugs] Nesting Some BBCodes Doesn't Work (miqrogroove)
       0000465: [Bugs] BBCodes Unbalanced By Nesting Them in Code Blocks (miqrogroove)
0000443: [Bugs] BBCode Links in News Ticker Broken by 0000383 (miqrogroove)
0000466: [Bugs] function altMail incorrectly expects variable to be defined (miqrogroove)
0000263: [Bugs] Colors Combobox (miqrogroove)
       0000463: [Bugs] BBCode Size Selector Resets to 3 instead of 0 (miqrogroove)
0000467: [Bugs] function escape_var() is Misguided (miqrogroove)
0000455: [Bugs] Regenerate Thumbnail Doesn't Work After Upgrade (miqrogroove)
0000442: [Bugs] Wrong Parameter to forumList() in the Prune Panel (miqrogroove)
0000399: [Bugs] Poll Results Missing Unless New Polls Allowed (miqrogroove)
0000362: [New Features] createThumbnail() Needs to be More Flexible (miqrogroove)
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Released 2011-02-10
Official 1.9.11 patch build # 11 released to fix MySQL 5.5 compatibility and to provide a new upgrade system.
0000410: [Bugs] Member Profile Code Needs to be Optimized (miqrogroove)
0000429: [Bugs] Review use of stripslashes (miqrogroove)
0000420: [Bugs] $action == 'printable' Memory Exhaustion (miqrogroove)
0000423: [Bugs] Quote Button Missing on Closed Threads (miqrogroove)
0000424: [Bugs] Allow CAPTCHA and DEBUG Together (miqrogroove)
0000425: [Bugs] Guests Should Not Have Subscription Privileges (miqrogroove)
0000428: [New Features] Add Description for UPLOAD_ERR_NO_TMP_DIR (miqrogroove)
0000323: [New Features] Thumbnails for BMP Images (miqrogroove)
0000431: [Bugs] Fatal Error When FreeType is Missing (miqrogroove)
0000432: [Bugs] Cursor moves when Firefox inserts smilies (miqrogroove)
0000436: [Bugs] Wrong Field Name in Prune Form (miqrogroove)
0000437: [Bugs] Invalid Casing of "Name" Attribute in viewthread_modoptions (miqrogroove)
0000401: [Bugs] Image w/Wrong Extension Has No Thumbnail (miqrogroove)
0000402: [Bugs] Captcha Size Settings Don't Work (miqrogroove)
0000403: [Bugs] Reply button title missing (miqrogroove)
0000404: [Bugs] Entity References Broken in Profiles (miqrogroove)
0000406: [Bugs] No Warning if You Rename Yourself (miqrogroove)
0000407: [Bugs] String Updates 2010 -> 2011 (miqrogroove)
0000408: [Bugs] MySQL 5.5 Compatibility (miqrogroove)
       0000426: [Bugs] Strange db.php Errors When Posting Replies (miqrogroove)
       0000427: [Bugs] ALTER TABLE Failure in MySQL 5.5 (miqrogroove)
0000411: [Bugs] $wollocation Should be Truncated Before Query (miqrogroove)
0000414: [Bugs] Language Upload Errors Should be Clearer (miqrogroove)
0000415: [Bugs] Zero Columns of Smilies? (miqrogroove)
0000416: [Bugs] Threads Table Optimization (miqrogroove)
0000417: [Meta] Get Rid of the Legacy Upgrader (miqrogroove)
       0000419: [New Features] Full XMB 1.8 Upgrade Compatibility (miqrogroove)
       0000433: [Bugs] MySQL 4.x SHOW Syntax Has No WHERE Condition (miqrogroove)
       0000418: [New Features] Full XMB 1.9.x Upgrade Compatibility (miqrogroove)
       0000292: [New Features] Shell Upgrader (miqrogroove)
       0000413: [Bugs] fixBirthdays() Does Not Work (miqrogroove)
0000438: [Bugs] Inconsistent Spacing in Post Preview (miqrogroove)
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Released 2010-12-11
Official 1.9.11 patch build # 10 released to fix upgrade errors and several minor bugs.
0000378: [Bugs] "Smiley After Link" Bug (miqrogroove)
0000329: [Bugs] Additional attachments causes the form to reset (miqrogroove)
0000389: [Bugs] Return value of end_time() never used (miqrogroove)
0000388: [Bugs] Invalid Table Element in Debug Footer (miqrogroove)
0000387: [Bugs] Invalid label for forum mass mod menu (miqrogroove)
0000386: [Bugs] alt attr missing on $fadminlink in forumdisplay (miqrogroove)
0000384: [Bugs] Why does debug font change in memcp? (miqrogroove)
0000383: [Bugs] Links should not be displayed in moods (miqrogroove)
0000382: [Bugs] Alternate Upgrade Should Behave Better With display_errors=On (miqrogroove)
0000379: [Bugs] Clean Up dbstuff::select_db() (miqrogroove)
0000377: [Bugs] "posted on" Date is Wrong (now) in Post Edit Preview (miqrogroove)
0000372: [Bugs] Copy Recent Changes From forumdisplay.php to Other Files? (miqrogroove)
0000394: [Bugs] Printable Version links shouldn't contain fid (miqrogroove)
0000397: [Bugs] $topicsnum Logic Incorrectly Minimized (miqrogroove)
0000398: [Bugs] threads.pollopts Not Implemented in viewthread.php (miqrogroove)
0000393: [Bugs] Undefined index in misc.php (miqrogroove)
0000390: [Bugs] Invalid Form Method Values (miqrogroove)
       0000376: [Bugs] Test and Revert 0000282 (miqrogroove)
0000374: [Bugs] Temp Fields Handled Wrong in Legacy Upgrader (miqrogroove)
0000373: [Bugs] Legacy Upgrader Incompatible With MySQL 5.1.8+ (miqrogroove)
0000353: [Bugs] Formatting Mode is Not Preserved in Post Preview (miqrogroove)
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Released 2010-04-08
Official 1.9.11 patch build # 9 released to fix several minor bugs.
0000357: [Bugs] open_basedir Warning in getTempFile() (miqrogroove)
0000358: [Bugs] $full_url Debugging in install/index.php Doesn't Match header.php (miqrogroove)
0000359: [Bugs] stripslashes() Should Not Appear at Top of u2u.php (miqrogroove)
0000361: [Bugs] Sloppy Error Handling in get_attached_file() (miqrogroove)
0000363: [Bugs] Temporary Files Orphaned by Upload Failures (miqrogroove)
0000365: [Bugs] GUI In Step 6 Of Installation Incorrect (miqrogroove)
0000366: [New Features] Add return statements to all commonly-edited files. (miqrogroove)
0000368: [Bugs] dotfolders Efficiency (miqrogroove)
0000369: [Bugs] Review the installer existence checks (miqrogroove)
0000370: [Bugs] Author Name Handling in forumdisplay (miqrogroove)
10 issues View Issues
Released 2010-01-27
Official 1.9.11 patch build # 8 released to fix PHP 5.3 compatibility.
0000350: [Bugs] Need to Handle max_file_uploads INI Directive (miqrogroove)
0000328: [Bugs] socket_SMTP::get() is uninitialized (miqrogroove)
0000333: [Bugs] zlib Conflict Warnings (miqrogroove)
0000346: [Bugs] Debug Empty Cookie Domain (miqrogroove)
0000345: [Bugs] Missing $ in (miqrogroove)
0000342: [Bugs] Undefined index in assertEmptyOutputStream() (miqrogroove)
0000340: [Bugs] Type-o Affecting Smiley Disable Option (miqrogroove)
0000339: [Bugs] Eliminate String Concatenation From Echo Statements (miqrogroove)
0000336: [Research Tasks] Document / Revert / Prep xmb19x Trunk (miqrogroove)
       0000338: [Bugs] Revert All xmb19x Feature Changes After Rev 1861 (miqrogroove)
0000330: [Bugs] & decode in email (miqrogroove)
0000305: [Bugs] Cosmetic Change To message ourput in editprofile (kuba1)
0000355: [Bugs] U2U Query Optimization (miqrogroove)
0000354: [Bugs] Birthdays Off by One in +12 and +13 Time Zones (miqrogroove)
0000290: [Bugs] Duplicate Whosonline Entries Cause Duplicate U2U Rows (miqrogroove)
0000335: [Bugs] Update Copyright Dates (miqrogroove)
0000334: [Bugs] like_escape() Doesn't Slash Values Correctly (miqrogroove)
0000332: [Meta] PHP 5.3 Compatibility (miqrogroove)
       0000349: [Bugs] PHP 5.2 Backward Compatibility (miqrogroove)
       0000348: [Bugs] $ipcheck Option in config.php Throws Deprecated (miqrogroove)
       0000343: [New Features] Forward Compatibility Improvement (miqrogroove)
             0000352: [Bugs] Substitute ini_set() for set_magic_quotes_runtime() (miqrogroove)
       0000341: [Bugs] PHP 5.3/IIS CGI Compatibility (miqrogroove)
0000304: [Bugs] Empty Quick Jumps (miqrogroove)
24 issues View Issues
Released 2009-09-07
Official 1.9.11 patch build # 7 released to fix Critical Issue 0000331.
0000331: [Bugs] Pruning functionality contains incorrect SQL code that causes data corruption (kuba1)
0000337: [Bugs] PHP 5.3 E_DEPRECATED Changes in (miqrogroove)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2009-03-28
Official 1.9.11 patch build # 6 released to fix an undisclosed security issue.
0000313: [Bugs] Error in Memcp With Empty Forum List (miqrogroove)
0000316: [Bugs] Modlogs Do Not Work in Paged Threads (miqrogroove)
0000311: [Bugs] Search [Next Page] Then "No matches were found" (miqrogroove)
0000314: [Bugs] softerror() needs a break tag (miqrogroove)
0000315: [Bugs] "Receive a copy" Conflicts with Profile Settings (miqrogroove)
0000317: [Bugs] Zero Count Flaws in fixftotals and fixmposts (miqrogroove)
0000318: [Bugs] socket_SMTP isn't works with (think not the only) (miqrogroove)
0000319: [Bugs] More Error Checking Needed in attach-admin (miqrogroove)
       0000320: [Bugs] Obsolete definition of file_get_contents() (miqrogroove)
0000321: [Bugs] Remnant of Old URL Checking in Installer (miqrogroove)
0000322: [Bugs] Attachment Subdir Scheme When Timestamp is Zero (miqrogroove)
0000326: [Bugs] E_STRICT When Debugging SMTP in PHP 5 (miqrogroove)
12 issues View Issues
Released 2009-03-21
Official 1.9.11 patch build # 5 released to fix Critical Issue 0000312.
0000298: [Bugs] $full_url Debugging Should Ignore Ports in Headers (miqrogroove)
0000299: [Bugs] PHP 4 Compatibility in function bbcodeFileTags() (miqrogroove)
0000300: [Bugs] [rquote] Balancing Matches Incomplete Tags (miqrogroove)
0000301: [Bugs] Last Super Admin Self-Demotion (miqrogroove)
0000302: [Bugs] function MakeTime() is unused (miqrogroove)
0000303: [Bugs] PHP 4 Compatibility in Birthdays (miqrogroove)
0000306: [Bugs] Header/Footer Mismatch in Nav href (miqrogroove)
0000307: [Bugs] post.php Needs to Update fup When Deleting (miqrogroove)
0000308: [Bugs] Fix Last Posts Still Not Working Right (miqrogroove)
0000309: [Bugs] DEBUG Doesn't Work When www Is Missing (miqrogroove)
0000310: [Bugs] Captcha Must Override GDFONTPATH in Some Environments (miqrogroove)
0000312: [Bugs] WHERE Condition Missing in moveAttachmentToDB() (miqrogroove)
12 issues View Issues
Released 2009-03-07
Official 1.9.11 patch build # 4 released to fix Major Issue 0000294.
0000293: [Bugs] Member List Sort Quirks (miqrogroove)
0000295: [Bugs] Error while upgrading (miqrogroove)
0000294: [Bugs] Attachment Disk Storage Errors on PHP 4 (miqrogroove)
0000296: [Bugs] MySQL STRICT_ALL_TABLES Incompatibility (miqrogroove)
0000297: [Bugs] $full_url Debugging Doesn't Work With localhost (miqrogroove)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2009-03-01
Official 1.9.11 patch build 0000003 released to fix Major Issue 0000024.
0000024: [Bugs] Upgrade Utility Will Not Allow Valid TABLEPRE Config (miqrogroove)
0000287: [Bugs] Opera treats application/octet-stream as text/html (miqrogroove)
0000291: [Bugs] Upgrader missed by 0000129 (miqrogroove)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2009-03-01
Official 1.9.11 patch build # 2 released to fix Major Issue 0000284.
0000284: [Bugs] Undefined Function Error in Post Editing (miqrogroove)
0000288: [Bugs] Admins see textnothread on Attachments Panel links (miqrogroove)
0000289: [Bugs] No Entity in Response to Invalid Viewthread Actions (miqrogroove)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2009-03-01
Patch build recalled due to incomplete fix for 0000284.
0000285: [Bugs] News Ticker Broken by Linefeed Chars (miqrogroove)
0000286: [Bugs] Blank News Ticker Items Change to "undefined" (miqrogroove)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2009-02-28
XMB Version 1.9.11 is a major new feature set written by Robert Chapin (miqrogroove). The primary goals are to add full multiple attachment support to the forum posting system with thumbnails, disk and DB storage options, to add a new language translation system schema that will help resolve many bugs, to expand the new forum permissions API so that it is easier to understand and less error prone, and to resolve all bugs reported from version 1.9.10.
0000240: [New Features] Apply the same regex to avatar URLs as [img] URLs (miqrogroove)
0000042: [Bugs] Literal \r\n in A.P. Template Selector (miqrogroove)
0000282: [Bugs] Unable to Attach Files on IIS (miqrogroove)
0000266: [Bugs] Catch 22 in Captcha Debugging (miqrogroove)
0000268: [New Features] Implement rel canonical (miqrogroove)
0000272: [Bugs] Corruption Check Not Working as Expected (miqrogroove)
0000257: [New Features] Context Sensitive Quick Jump (miqrogroove)
0000270: [Bugs] ROOT Should Not Appear in forumJump() (miqrogroove)
0000271: [Bugs] Typo with the Email BBCode button (miqrogroove)
0000273: [Bugs] Undefined Index fid in (miqrogroove)
0000274: [Bugs] Last Login Date Incorrect in Editprofile (miqrogroove)
0000276: [New Features] Un-Backwards the Authentication Checks (miqrogroove)
       0000040: [New Features] Move More Code from header.php into elevateUser() (miqrogroove)
             0000038: [Bugs] lastvisit not always recorded in members table (miqrogroove)
             0000023: [New Features] Redesign the Language System (miqrogroove)
                   0000144: [New Features] Language File Import Tool (miqrogroove)
0000277: [Bugs] New Usernames Need to be Trimmed (miqrogroove)
0000280: [Bugs] fixUrl() eats leading '(' char (miqrogroove)
0000281: [Bugs] Errors in Topicadmin (miqrogroove)
0000283: [Bugs] Fix Forum Totals Not Working (miqrogroove)
0000073: [Bugs] List BBCode insert deletes the message contents in Opera (miqrogroove)
0000011: [Bugs] Unable to Login on IIS Due to Cookie Problems (miqrogroove)
0000013: [Bugs] SMTP Errors in Windows Caused by PHP Bug 45305 (miqrogroove)
0000033: [Bugs] message() calls nav() when header is false (miqrogroove)
0000046: [Bugs] U2U Subjects Have Many Spaces After Re: (miqrogroove)
0000075: [Bugs] Post error includes double header (miqrogroove)
0000050: [Bugs] viewthread should not rely on threads.replies (miqrogroove)
0000098: [New Features] All NUL Bytes Should Be Filtered From User Input (miqrogroove)
0000047: [Bugs] Wrong bgcolor used for quick reply captcha (miqrogroove)
0000022: [Bugs] Missing Translation, $lang[addressupdate] (miqrogroove)
0000224: [New Features] memcp.php?action=subscriptions Needs to be Multi-Paged (miqrogroove)
0000236: [Bugs] tools.php?action=fixlastposts Doesn't Fix All Threads (miqrogroove)
0000248: [Bugs] Screwed up multi-page in member search (miqrogroove)
0000249: [Bugs] Unexpected dots in post, linked URL (miqrogroove)
0000250: [Bugs] Remove Destructive Theme Writes From Primary Upgrade Script (miqrogroove)
0000251: [Bugs] Strange Params for postify() in topicadmin.php?action=split (miqrogroove)
0000252: [Bugs] Links in reported post messages have wrong format. (miqrogroove)
0000253: [Bugs] post.php Needs to Check Forum Settings Before extractRemoteImages() (miqrogroove)
0000255: [Bugs] [rquote] Broken By Allow HTML in Forum (miqrogroove)
0000256: [Bugs] PHP Notice Thrown by Invalid Registration (miqrogroove)
0000258: [New Features] Show Attachments and Thumbnails in Post Preview (miqrogroove)
0000259: [Bugs] Remove all instances of $lastvisit2 (miqrogroove)
0000260: [Bugs] [code] Broken by 0000247 (miqrogroove)
0000261: [Bugs] SQL Error in Fix Last Posts - Forums (miqrogroove)
0000264: [Bugs] XMB Forum User Impersonation - 2006-04-15 (miqrogroove)
0000265: [Bugs] Moderator Permissions Escalation (miqrogroove)
0000052: [Bugs] Finish the i/o overhaul of cp.php?action=members (miqrogroove)
0000205: [Bugs] Can We Make the Forum List Box Bigger in Search.php? (miqrogroove)
0000206: [Bugs] PHP Errors in Index.php (miqrogroove)
0000207: [Bugs] Search Paging Links Broken (miqrogroove)
0000209: [Bugs] cp2.php?action=lang&deletesubmit Barfed on Me (miqrogroove)
0000210: [Bugs] Date Format Has No Default Value (miqrogroove)
0000211: [Bugs] goto=search Still Generates &page=1 (miqrogroove)
0000213: [Bugs] $show_full_info Broken (miqrogroove)
0000214: [Bugs] Remote File Attachment Broken (miqrogroove)
0000217: [Bugs] Thread Merge Causes SQL Error (miqrogroove)
0000218: [Bugs] External Links Sometimes Open in Both Tabs (miqrogroove)
0000219: [Bugs] Theme Details Page Submit Throws SQL Errors (miqrogroove)
0000212: [Bugs] Uninitialized Variable $firstpage in cp2.php (miqrogroove)
0000215: [Bugs] Uninitialized Variable in Memcp.php (miqrogroove)
0000220: [Bugs] Default Theme Isn't Used if User's Theme is Missing (miqrogroove)
0000221: [Bugs] Untranslated String in New Template post_attachmentbox (miqrogroove)
0000222: [Bugs] goto=lastpost is Broken for Subforums (miqrogroove)
0000223: [Bugs] "Add" Links Broken in Translation Screen (miqrogroove)
0000225: [New Features] Redirect Guests to Login on Access Errors (miqrogroove)
0000226: [Bugs] Password Reset Should Not Be Allowed On Banned Accounts (miqrogroove)
0000227: [Bugs] Unused $online Array Indexes Should Be Unset in misc.php (miqrogroove)
0000228: [Bugs] action=getip is supposed to be limited to admins (miqrogroove)
0000229: [Bugs] IP Banning Panel Runs Slow and Throws Errors (miqrogroove)
0000230: [Bugs] Unsanitized Input Paths in Who's Online (miqrogroove)
0000232: [Bugs] Firefox BBcode Causes Linefeeds to Disappear (miqrogroove)
0000233: [New Features] Move $max_page Code Into (miqrogroove)
0000234: [Bugs] today.php lastpost column doesn't match other areas (miqrogroove)
0000235: [New Features] Third Redirect in Viewthread Should Use Status 301 (miqrogroove)
0000237: [Bugs] Uninitialized Variable $newtemplatename in cp2.php (miqrogroove)
0000239: [Bugs] MySQL version mismatch during installation, while this is not true. (miqrogroove)
0000241: [Bugs] Attachment Hit Caused SQL Error (miqrogroove)
0000242: [Bugs] Invalid Use of fetch_array() in member.php?action=profile (miqrogroove)
0000243: [Bugs] Forum password entry broken (miqrogroove)
0000244: [New Features] MySQL Error Reporting Improvement (miqrogroove)
0000245: [Bugs] Unhandled Input: Prune all posts in topicadmin.php (miqrogroove)
0000246: [Bugs] Missing global in (miqrogroove)
0000247: [Bugs] [rquote] BBCode May Become Unbalanced (miqrogroove)
0000125: [Bugs] $fids Not Initialized In stats.php (miqrogroove)
0000179: [Bugs] action=online call to multi() is hosed (miqrogroove)
0000180: [Bugs] Header Missing on Message Page After New Post (miqrogroove)
0000181: [Bugs] Headers Missing From Memcp Errors (miqrogroove)
0000182: [Bugs] Undefined Index in Memcp (miqrogroove)
0000186: [Bugs] Member List Multi Page Broken (miqrogroove)
0000187: [Bugs] Undefined Variable in Member Registration (miqrogroove)
0000188: [Research Tasks] Do We Need to Raise the MySQL Version Requirement? (miqrogroove)
0000189: [Bugs] Query Syntax Error in Alternative Upgrade Script (miqrogroove)
0000190: [Bugs] Debug Mode Broken (miqrogroove)
0000191: [Bugs] Duplicate Who's Online Entries (miqrogroove)
0000192: [Bugs] Thumbnail Links Should Open New Window (miqrogroove)
0000193: [Bugs] Member Search Broken in Admin Panel (miqrogroove)
0000194: [Bugs] Database tools (miqrogroove)
0000195: [Bugs] Translation Export Broken (miqrogroove)
0000196: [Bugs] Reply and Edit Have Different File Tagging (miqrogroove)
0000198: [New Features] Simultaneous Upload (miqrogroove)
0000200: [Bugs] Filename extensions should be case insensitive in viewthread.php. (miqrogroove)
0000201: [Bugs] PHP Errors in (miqrogroove)
0000148: [Bugs] Orphaned Polls (miqrogroove)
0000197: [Bugs] Group and Forum Views Should Include Name in Title (miqrogroove)
0000199: [Bugs] Annonymous Login is not sticky (miqrogroove)
0000203: [Bugs] Template Leading Whitespace is Inconsistent (miqrogroove)
0000003: [New Features] Require Authentication Before Password Change (miqrogroove)
0000051: [Bugs] Forum Management Should Be Non-Destructive (miqrogroove)
0000054: [New Features] Rennovate the Search Feature (miqrogroove)
       0000099: [New Features] Censor Search Input From Non-Staff (miqrogroove)
       0000145: [New Features] Context-Sensitive Search Links (miqrogroove)
       0000146: [New Features] Subject-Only Search Option (miqrogroove)
       0000147: [New Features] Multi-Forum Search Selections (miqrogroove)
       0000070: [Bugs] Search method should be GET (miqrogroove)
0000055: [New Features] Make Admin Icons Part of the Theme System (miqrogroove)
0000074: [New Features] Links for Each Post (miqrogroove)
0000105: [Bugs] Existing User With Restricted Address Can't Edit Profile (miqrogroove)
0000143: [Bugs] Need to Handle Images Differently Now (miqrogroove)
0000170: [New Features] Add upload limit description to attachment templates (miqrogroove)
0000017: [New Features] Reorganize Member Management Tools (miqrogroove)
0000018: [New Features] Add Reg Form Description of Disallowed Chars for Usernames (miqrogroove)
0000036: [New Features] Members location sort (miqrogroove)
0000056: [Meta] Search Engine Optimization (miqrogroove)
       0000160: [New Features] Change Footer Link Text (miqrogroove)
       0000053: [Bugs] The URL "Double Slash Problem" (miqrogroove)
       0000057: [Bugs] Remove All page=1 Links (miqrogroove)
             0000070: [Bugs] Search method should be GET (miqrogroove)
       0000087: [Bugs] Icons for profile, website, find and u2u in viewthread_post template should have titles in them (miqrogroove)
       0000014: [New Features] memcp, u2u links and prevent indexing of post and search (miqrogroove)
       0000092: [New Features] Add Sample robots.txt File to Distribution (miqrogroove)
0000062: [New Features] Add Reg Form Case Sensitivity Explanation for Captcha (miqrogroove)
0000077: [New Features] New Tool to Fix Orphaned Posts (miqrogroove)
0000081: [New Features] Add schema version to database. (miqrogroove)
0000155: [Bugs] Report Post Doesn't Check Email Alert Settings (miqrogroove)
0000171: [New Features] Function Parameter Efficiency Review (miqrogroove)
0000172: [Bugs] fix_last_posts() (miqrogroove)
0000175: [New Features] Action=Printable Should Link Back to Thread (miqrogroove)
0000176: [New Features] Figure out how to handle old [img] links (miqrogroove)
0000177: [Bugs] Smilies Don't Work With BBCode Off (miqrogroove)
0000178: [Bugs] Align BBCode Breaks When Empty (miqrogroove)
0000027: [Meta] Overhaul the Attachment System (miqrogroove)
       0000019: [New Features] Enable Attachment Persistence for Post Previews (miqrogroove)
       0000031: [New Features] Thumbnails for Attached Images (miqrogroove)
       0000028: [New Features] Image Attachment Limit (miqrogroove)
       0000029: [New Features] Multiple Attachments (miqrogroove)
       0000030: [New Features] Inline Attachment Caching (miqrogroove)
       0000032: [New Features] Disk Storage Option for Attachments (miqrogroove)
       0000116: [New Features] Check for Output Corruption for Attachments (miqrogroove)
       0000128: [New Features] Thumbnails for Hotlinked Images (miqrogroove)
       0000135: [New Features] "Pretty" URLs for Attachments (miqrogroove)
       0000137: [New Features] Add New Attachment Options to Admin Panel (miqrogroove)
       0000140: [New Features] Links from Virtual URL Errors Need to Point to $full_url (miqrogroove)
0000097: [Research Tasks] Figure Out Status of XMB Token System (miqrogroove)
0000110: [Bugs] Forum Admin Link Displayed to Non-Admins (miqrogroove)
0000115: [Bugs] Member List Uses Wrong Default Sort (miqrogroove)
0000163: [New Features] Clean Up header.php and (miqrogroove)
0000004: [New Features] Redesign Moderator Log System (miqrogroove)
0000069: [New Features] New setting & default: IP banning Disabled (miqrogroove)
0000100: [New Features] Allow HTML in Board Rules (miqrogroove)
0000122: [Bugs] Installer Adds HTML to Censors Table (miqrogroove)
0000126: [Bugs] No Permissions Checking in memcp.php (miqrogroove)
0000129: [New Features] Implement New $full_url Checking in Installer (miqrogroove)
0000149: [Bugs] I/O Failure in [size] BBCode (miqrogroove)
0000150: [New Features] Check for Output Corruption for Captcha (miqrogroove)
0000152: [Bugs] Registered Global $permsNew in cp.php (miqrogroove)
0000158: [New Features] Email Notices Should Always Include a Link (miqrogroove)
0000164: [Bugs] Email Address Validation Failure (miqrogroove)
0000167: [Bugs] Captcha settings should be disabled in debug mode (miqrogroove)
0000169: [New Features] Whos Online (miqrogroove)
0000006: [New Features] U2U Popup Alert (miqrogroove)
0000142: [Bugs] Empty Thread Deletes all Attachments (miqrogroove)
0000151: [New Features] Check for Output Corruption at End of header.php (miqrogroove)
0000154: [Bugs] Redirected tids Use Invalid URL (miqrogroove)
0000157: [Bugs] Invalid Argument Warning in cp.php (miqrogroove)
0000159: [Bugs] Hyperlink BBCode Nonsense (miqrogroove)
0000161: [Bugs] member.php comment grammar (miqrogroove)
0000162: [Bugs] E-mail Privacy Default (miqrogroove)
0000114: [Bugs] Board Status Effect Should Be More Restrictive (miqrogroove)
0000118: [Bugs] Search Fails to Check Forums.Status Value (miqrogroove)
0000120: [Bugs] Function forum() is Incorrectly Parameterized. (miqrogroove)
0000123: [New Features] Implement Status 503 for bbstatus Option (miqrogroove)
0000108: [Bugs] Typeo in isValidFilename() Regex Pattern (miqrogroove)
0000111: [Bugs] Patch for #96 Might Be Too Restrictive (miqrogroove)
0000117: [New Features] Make Forum Permissions More Modular, Consistent (miqrogroove)
       0000119: [Bugs] Super Administrator Permissions Not Always Applied (miqrogroove)
       0000109: [Bugs] User Access List problems (kuba1)
0000124: [Bugs] forum.moderator Index Missing in Several Calls (miqrogroove)
0000127: [Bugs] vtmisc.php Raises "Efficiency Notice" in Debug Mode (miqrogroove)
0000130: [Bugs] MIME Type Not DB-Safe in Attachment Inserts (miqrogroove)
0000131: [Bugs] Query Output is Not HTML-Safe in Debug Mode (miqrogroove)
0000132: [Bugs] SQL File Upload May Cause Unexpected Errors (miqrogroove)
0000134: [Bugs] More Smilies Stopped Working (miqrogroove)
0000112: [Bugs] Off-By-One in Merge Reply Addition (miqrogroove)
0000121: [Bugs] Unused globals in function postify() (miqrogroove)
0000138: [Bugs] Quick Jump Should Not Be Seen if Index Perms Denied (miqrogroove)
0000141: [Bugs] Copy Thread Doesn't Increment Member Post Counts (miqrogroove)
0000007: [Bugs] Remove Extraneous GROUP BY From Queries (miqrogroove)
0000008: [Bugs] Newsletter E-Mails Are Corrupted (miqrogroove)
0000009: [Bugs] socket_SMTP Injection Vulnerability (miqrogroove)
0000010: [Bugs] Theme Import Broken by PHP Bug 45283 (miqrogroove)
0000012: [Bugs] function Redirect() fails to halt script (miqrogroove)
0000015: [Bugs] imghash not initialized in post.php (miqrogroove)
0000016: [Bugs] Add call to is_string() inside postedVar() (miqrogroove)
0000043: [Bugs] Fix Last Posts Uses Wrong Sort (miqrogroove)
0000061: [Bugs] Cancelled BBCode Prints "null" (miqrogroove)
0000076: [Bugs] Posts Orphaned by Incorrect WHERE Command in viewthread (miqrogroove)
0000078: [Bugs] Remove "postsubject" from the post_edit template (miqrogroove)
0000089: [Bugs] Slashing is still broken in action=printable (miqrogroove)
0000025: [Bugs] Incomplete Validation of $tid in viewthread.php (miqrogroove)
0000034: [Bugs] Long URLs Can Exceed Line Wrap Limit (miqrogroove)
0000035: [Bugs] $boardurl does nothing, should be removed (miqrogroove)
       0000068: [New Features] Add DEBUG logic to check if the $full_url is correct (miqrogroove)
0000039: [Bugs] Banned Member Profile Inconsistencies (miqrogroove)
0000045: [Bugs] Typeo In 404 Header (miqrogroove)
0000048: [New Features] [API] Named Permissions Bitfield (miqrogroove)
0000049: [Bugs] Remove DEBUG_ALL (miqrogroove)
0000058: [Bugs] Malformed Location Headers (miqrogroove)
0000059: [Bugs] Filter out empty and dupe poll options (miqrogroove)
0000067: [Bugs] action=printable URLs are not robot-exclusion compliant (miqrogroove)
0000072: [Bugs] forumdisplay should throw status 404 for bad links (miqrogroove)
0000080: [Bugs] O.O.O. in Avatar Checking (miqrogroove)
0000084: [New Features] Implement Optional Logging for MySQL (miqrogroove)
0000085: [New Features] [API] User Status Masquerade Within Session (miqrogroove)
0000090: [Bugs] Uninitialized array $sqlsrch in misc.php (miqrogroove)
0000093: [Bugs] Slashing Still Broken in Profile->Forum Most Active In (miqrogroove)
0000020: [Bugs] Users See Blank Notice When Board=Off (miqrogroove)
0000071: [Bugs] $THEME variable missing from function error() (miqrogroove)
0000079: [Bugs] editprofile doesn't display username (miqrogroove)
0000088: [Bugs] Delete functions checkInput() and formArray() (miqrogroove)
0000094: [Bugs] Re-Write the Settings INSERT Query in cinst.php (miqrogroove)
0000095: [New Features] Add a Preview Button for Quick Replies (miqrogroove)
0000101: [Bugs] Vote Stuffing Check Isn't Working (miqrogroove)
0000102: [Bugs] Delete function getRequestVar() (miqrogroove)
232 issues View Issues
Released 2008-06-08
XMB Version 1.9.10 is a major bug fix release written by Robert Chapin (miqrogroove). The primary goals are to unify the disperate user bases created by the release and subsequent recall of version 1.9.9, to fix all outstanding Common Vulnerability Entries for XMB, and to preserve the version 1.9.9 database schema while providing a smooth upgrade path from versions 1.9.5 and later.
0000133: [Meta] Patches Needed for 1.9.10 (miqrogroove)
0000168: [Bugs] Uninitialized Variables in Userlist Checking (miqrogroove)
0000139: [Bugs] Uploads Broken by Patch for 0000132 (miqrogroove)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2008-03-25
XMB Version 1.9.9 was recalled after 24 days when the community decided this project was badly mismanaged. The features that were new to this version were eventually rewritten by new staff member Robert Chapin (miqrogroove) and added to version 1.9.10 in combination with the bug fixes added in version 1.9.8 SP3.
0000605: [Bugs] Invalid SQL Syntax in member.php (miqrogroove)
1 issue View Issues