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0000657XMB1Bugspublic2021-05-02 08:01
Reportermiqrogroove Assigned Tomiqrogroove  
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Target Version1.9.12.03Fixed in Version1.9.12.03 
Summary0000657: String-to-Number Comparisons in PHP 8
DescriptionOne of the problems with XMB in PHP 8 is the unexpected result of comparing zero to an empty string. Before PHP 8, (0 == "") is true, but now in PHP 8 it is false. This subtle change is screwing up PHP's non-strict variable types in places like index.php where we have:

if ($lastcat != $thing['cat_fid'] ...

In this example the $lastcat is initialized to zero, and $thing['cat_fid'] is explicitly set to an empty string inside function getIndexForums(), which is unfortunate in light of the complete opposite results in different PHP versions now.
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