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0000336XMB1Research Taskspublic2010-02-24 17:57
ReportermiqrogrooveAssigned Tomiqrogroove 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
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Target Version1.9.11.08Fixed in Version1.9.11.08 
Summary0000336: Document / Revert / Prep xmb19x Trunk
DescriptionTasks, to be done in order:

* All changes after must have a ticket added.
* All critical tickets must have diffs posted in the patches forum.
* All tickets for must be resolved.
* All changes before the 110x fork must be reverted or approved in 19x trunk.
* The milestone must be closed.
* Reset version number for any open tickets based on

All tickets for will be on hold until this ticket is resolved. There is no need to set dependencies.
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Web Server
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parent of 0000338 closedmiqrogroove Revert All xmb19x Feature Changes After Rev 1861 



2010-01-23 22:00

administrator   ~0000206

Found two tickets that had no milestone set.
Added two tickets: One for undocumented PHP 5.3 compatibility work, and one for the trunk revert plan.

First task is complete.

Next, we need 2 patches, and then I have to figure out what's going on with 0000328 (resolve or punt).


2010-01-24 00:05

administrator   ~0000209

Punting to so we can close out the old milestone.


2010-01-24 00:32

administrator   ~0000211

After checking and re-checking everything, it looks like only two tickets accurately reflected the changes that ended up in the package. That milestone is now closed and the next step is to revert all the changes in trunk.

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