Scheduled For Release 2012-02-15
Future 1.9.11 patch build number.
0000505: [Bugs] XMB Installer Throws Deprecated Database Extension
0000501: [Bugs] Default Value of Full URL Does Not Detect HTTPS
0000497: [Bugs] HTTP Header Elements Should Be Comma Separated
0000496: [Bugs] Google Ignoring pid URL Parameter
0000494: [Bugs] Installer Should Not Allow Reserved Usernames
0000492: [Bugs] Forums Panel Needs to Check if File Uploading is Disabled
0000491: [Bugs] Undefined offset in files.php
0000489: [Bugs] Who's Online Optimization
0000488: [Bugs] Admin Panel Table Cells Missing
0000380: [Meta] error html output errors in cp files
0000500: [Bugs] Current Version Display Not Working in Installer (miqrogroove)
0000503: [Bugs] Charset Compatibility Broken in PHP 5.6 (miqrogroove)
0000506: [Bugs] magic_quotes_runtime Error in PHP 5.4+ (miqrogroove)
0000499: [Bugs] Update Copyright Dates and File Headers (miqrogroove)
0000490: [Bugs] files.php Robots Header Should Be nofollow, noimageindex (miqrogroove)
0000495: [Bugs] Buddy List Width Incorrect (miqrogroove)
0000493: [Bugs] Empty Forum Groups Not Handled Correctly (miqrogroove)
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