Scheduled For Release 2025-12-19
Future XMB Patch Version
0000713: [Bugs] Integer Width Deprecated by MySQL 8.0
0000683: [Bugs] config.php warn about ' in password (miqrogroove)
0000706: [Bugs] PHP Warning When Deleting Own Thread in Debug Mode (miqrogroove)
0000710: [Bugs] The bbcode editor is broken in Chrome (miqrogroove)
0000704: [Bugs] Page title when making a new thread is borked (miqrogroove)
0000708: [Bugs] User Locked Out: Theme with Non-Numeric fontsize Value in PHP 8.0+ (miqrogroove)
0000695: [Bugs] Improve youtube bbcode (miqrogroove)
0000707: [Bugs] Board Logo URL Theme Setting Broken for Full URL Values (miqrogroove)
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