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0000495XMB1Bugspublic2018-01-18 06:09
ReportermiqrogrooveAssigned Tomiqrogroove 
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Product Version1.9.8 SP2 
Target Version1.9.11.15Fixed in Version1.9.11.15 
Summary0000495: Buddy List Width Incorrect
DescriptionThe buddy list table width should just be 100%, but appears to be set to the theme width by default.
Steps To Reproduce1. Set default theme's table width to 800px.
2. Open the U2U or Address List windows.
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2012-03-16 14:13

administrator   ~0000329

The templates are currently set up with javascript that should force the Buddy List window to always open at 450x400 and the U2U window to always open at 700x450. So there is likely also a problem with the U2U window on themes with a fixed width greater than 700 px.

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