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0000695XMB1Bugspublic2024-04-23 13:12
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Summary0000695: Improve youtube bbcode
DescriptionThis was discussed here on my own board, but it seems more appropriate for here:

Anyway, the regex in question is at and IMO is more than sufficient, outside of it not recognising "" urls. It however does recognise most other YT links you throw at it.

For the sakes of usability especially on mobile devices it would be nice to add this.
Steps To ReproduceInside of [youtube] bbcode, using YouTube URLs rather than video IDs isn't supported yet.
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2024-04-20 09:44

administrator   ~0000490

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Yeah that particular regex seems naive and inefficient.

The most common YouTube URLs look like one of these:



So the only tokens that need to be parsed are the optional "v=" and the optional "/". If the only thing I have to do is add 2 tokens and run some tests, then I think this could be done on a patch release.


2024-04-20 15:40

administrator   ~0000491

Available now in SVN and can be tested on the forum here. The only change is in where the phrase youtube appears.

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