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0000536XMB1Translation Defectspublic2018-06-03 04:39
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Product Version1.9.8 SP2 
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Summary0000536: Using BBcode 'code' shows incorrect popup text message
DescriptionUsing BBcode 'code' shows incorrect popup text message of:

"Please enter the text you wanted block quoted."
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2018-06-03 04:19

administrator   ~0000379

Just to clarify, this is the alert window text, not the tooltip text.


2018-06-03 04:37

administrator   ~0000380

Text is at least sourced from correct variables in English.lang.php. This goes back to v1.5.0.

Cosmetically, the problem can be fixed in the translation control panel by changing bbcode_help_code and bbcode_prompt_code.

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