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0000577XMB1Bugspublic2020-09-16 05:29
ReportermiqrogrooveAssigned Tomiqrogroove 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.9.8 SP2 
Target Version1.9.12Fixed in Version1.9.12 
Summary0000577: Don't Allow HTML in Member Posts
DescriptionThe option to allow HTML in posts was an interesting idea many years ago, but so poorly designed that it doesn't provide a reasonable level of security. It could be re-implemented with better bbcode and/or Super Admin only partitions, but in the meantime needs to be totally disabled.
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FlagsSchema Updates
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SVN Revision2823


related to 0000579 resolvedmiqrogroove Has html removal bug 577 affected 'news and updates' on index page? 


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