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0000700XMB1Bugspublic2024-04-22 05:39
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Product Version1.9.8 SP2 
Summary0000700: Reset blank moods option in admin panel is useless
DescriptionWhat's the actual purpose of this option if memcp allows you to blank out the mood field in the first place?

One way this could be made useful is by forcing it to 'No Mood' as a default value/if the string is blanked in memcp/editprofile.
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2024-04-09 14:50

administrator   ~0000462

This tool was added on to the mood system in version 1.8. I've not been able to identify any purpose for it other than to fill up empty space.


2024-04-09 21:21

reporter   ~0000470

Well, who says we can't give it a purpose? :P


2024-04-20 09:12

administrator   ~0000489

After a deeper look, I found the mood feature was introduced with v1.6. There were no change log notes about the mood reset feature. But I also found a similar and equally useless feature 'fixforumthemes' was added in v1.8 and the only thing it ever did was "UPDATE $table_forums SET theme='' WHERE theme='name'". The theme reset feature was quietly removed in v1.9.1, and I suspect the mood reset feature should have gone the same way, but didn't.

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