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0000507XMB1Bugspublic2017-06-27 16:06
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Product Version1.9.11.13 
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Summary0000507: 'dot' functionality missing in today.php
Descriptionforumdisplay.php has code that changes, for example, hot_folder.gif to dot_hot_folder.gif if the member has posted on that topic/thread so the member can easily identify if they posted on that topic/thread when viewing by forum category.

Part of the code that deals with this is:
if ($SETTINGS['dotfolders'] == 'on' && X_MEMBER && (count($threadsInFid) > 0) && in_array($thread['tid'], $threadsInFid)) {
        $folder = 'dot_'.$folder;

however there is no corresponding code in today.php with the outcome being that a member cannot identify if they posted on a particular topic/thread when using that script.

Steps To ReproduceView a topic created by member by forumdisplay.php and functionality works.

View a topic created by member by toay.php and functionality doesn't exist.
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