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0000579XMB1Bugspublic2020-09-16 05:29
ReporterlottosAssigned Tomiqrogroove 
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Target Version1.9.12Fixed in Version1.9.12 
Summary0000579: Has html removal bug 577 affected 'news and updates' on index page?
DescriptionViewing the alpha forum - in the 'news and updates' area shows for example:
< strong >Welcome to your new XMB Forum!< /strong > [less the space characters in the html tags]

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related to 0000577 resolvedmiqrogroove Don't Allow HTML in Member Posts 



2020-09-04 16:37

updater   ~0000406

Let's try that again:

Welcome to your new XMB Forum!

less the space characters in the html tags


2020-09-05 08:29

administrator   ~0000407

You might be seeing a typo that I put in the control panel. This was all updated in the trunk code.

If there's anything else, attach a screenshot.


2020-09-05 08:41

administrator   ~0000408

More thoughts: The ticker text field supported both BBcode and HTML until now. I switched it to BBcode only. I guess we could just as easily make it HTML only. Or add another option to choose between them. For the sake of security I want to stop mixing the two languages.


2020-09-16 05:27

administrator   ~0000411

I added the option to switch between HTML and BBcode in the news ticker so administrators will still be able to use either language. Switched the default back to HTML.

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