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0000683XMB1Bugspublic2024-05-18 06:03
Reporterlottos Assigned Tomiqrogroove  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.9.8 SP2 
Target Version1.9.12.07Fixed in Version1.9.12.07 
Summary0000683: config.php warn about ' in password
Descriptionin config.php, recommend adding a comment near $dbpw
// do not include the character ' in the password
(and any other characters that may cause an issue, ; could be a contender too
or the install script could check for those characters that cause an issue)

for example
$dbpw = 's6gfOpj'&s'; // Password used to access it
will result in a "This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.
HTTP ERROR 500" error.
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related to 0000153 closedmiqrogroove Input Sanitization for Installer 



2024-04-01 15:53

reporter   ~0000436

Wouldn't using double quotes or adding backslashes to the input (fun) theoretically fix this?


2024-04-01 16:14

reporter   ~0000437

Seems like this has been tracked since 2008 :P


2024-04-01 22:09

updater   ~0000438

Still catching people out - suspect this was the cause of the error reported on the forum here:

and it also got me when installing a new instance of xmb, so at the least, a comment in the config file would have helped


2024-04-09 15:50

administrator   ~0000465

Just for argument's sake, this syntax is not unique to the $dbpw variable, or even passwords in general. There's nothing really preventing $full_url from containing an apostrophe, except that there's a standards-based rule that it should be url-encoded in that context. The SMTP username field is even more liberal as to its use and meaning.

So I'm reading this like a warning that PHP files have to conform to the PHP syntax. Which would be a silly nuisance on its own.

Is there a root problem here other than folks not knowing how PHP works? Do we need to add a link to the PHP manual?

p.s. Semicolons are not a problem. But you're opening a can of worms in the world of backslashes. Usernames and passwords containing backslashes are all kinds of fun because they won't cause parser errors.


2024-04-09 16:05

updater   ~0000466

Not everyone who installs a forum is a php expert or even a php novice. The problem as I see it is if someone creates a password in the config file that ends up seeing a 'HTTP ERROR 500' isn't going to be aware that it's the character(s) in the dbpw file as the cause, they will probably just assume the install (or forum) simply doesn't work. Hence the recommendation of a comment near the setting.


2024-04-09 17:27

administrator   ~0000467

It's among the myriad problems with the install script. I would think that sandboxing the config file and reporting syntax errors in a health check manner would be more intuitive than burying a note in the source code. If the syntax is still a concern, a different file format would help too.


2024-04-09 17:30

updater   ~0000468

Suppose so.

From my perspective, I usually edit the file manually and change settings so the comment would be a reminder.


2024-04-10 10:43

reporter   ~0000479

I'm guessing this can be marked as a duplicate of the other issue being tracked?


2024-04-10 13:07

administrator   ~0000481

Last edited: 2024-04-10 13:07

I'm not entirely sure at this point. lottos are you manually editing the file to workaround the other bugs? Or do you just always manually edit the file? There's a revised installer in the SVN trunk, soon to be released.


2024-04-20 08:25

administrator   ~0000487

Let's call this a text change for the next patch. Sandboxing the config file would be less elegant than switching to a cleaner file format, and that would have to be part of a version upgrade script in the larger context. Meanwhile, there are settings in the config file that shouldn't be there in the first place, so the whole thing could be re-designed.


2024-04-24 08:37

administrator   ~0000506

Decided sandboxing isn't so bad for a patch. This will display the error even when errors are not normally displayed. Switching file formats still a good plan if there's a new major version.

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