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0000709XMB1Bugspublic2024-04-22 05:47
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Product Version1.9.8 SP2 
Summary0000709: Fallback fonts are almost never defined across the software, and sometimes style fonts aren't even always used
DescriptionThis is best visible on non-Windows devices where Core Fonts for the Web isn't installed, such as on openSUSE Tumbleweed (which is what I use!) or (most commonly found) iOS. Or any browser/OS combo where the option to use the fonts the website itself defines is disabled.

It's mainly header classes that don't bother with fallbacks at all, but sometimes there is also never defined something like 'sans-serif'. Interestingly, 'monospace' is defined for the codeblock at the least, so I'm going to assume that was something added a bit later down the line due to that fact.

This also messes up anything that has decided to turn off rendering non-default fonts, which is (usually) a default feature in browsers going back to good old Netscape...
Additional InformationThis would also need to take into account detecting certain strings in the post parser, too, for the dropdown options (which again seem to be... very Windows-specific. I don't even recall Book Antiqua being part of a base installation of Windows XP, rather it being a theme that came with Office.

(Lucida Console is also at the bottom for seemingly no reason.)
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2024-04-21 22:36


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2024-04-21 22:42

reporter   ~0000498

Oh yeah, I should probably mention that I actually do have the mscore-ttf package installed on my desktop - some, but not all, of the fonts in that dropdown are on my machine. This likely applies to MacOS since I believe the versions there are derived from the same package:

Even then I believe there are indeed some tiny differences between them and the ones on modern Windows due to them being derived from their Windows 98SE variants. (Not that it matters, it's still the same font, and the less said about Windows 8+ font smoothing the better. My point about fallback fonts still stands, and this very project being GNU GPLv3, maybe including some libre fonts would be better going forward...


2024-04-22 05:46

administrator   ~0000501

Last edited: 2024-04-22 05:47

I think we just use white-space: pre; for code blocks in 1.9.12 so any fallback was provided by the client. Prior to that version, it was just plain old table cells and no code elements at all.

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