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0000666XMB1Bugspublic2022-05-29 01:28
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Product Version1.9.12.03 
Summary0000666: socket_SMTP not working
DescriptionMails are not send via SMTP relay (yes, all settings in config.php are correct, and yes the provider accepts connections from www-data) and no error is shown. When I use the newsletter function, the systems indicates that all mails are send, but unfortunately it's not true. I'm wondering where SSL or TLS is to be defined ...

Any ideas from anybody are highly appreciated!

Many thanks and Cheers,

MySQL Version5.7.38
PHP Version7.2.24
Web ServerApache
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2022-05-29 01:28

reporter   ~0000427

I found the reason for the problem, but don't know how to fix it: The smtp provider does not accept other than my own from address, means when mails are send from www-data or root the from address is denied. Is there any chance to masquerade the original from address, or permanently force to re-write the from address to always the one which is accepted?

Again, any ideas are highly appreciated,



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